Lesson Learned

Think back upon a special memory – one that brings warmth to your heart, and a smile to your face. One you never tire of, that is forever connected to the joy it first brought. A special time shared is not only a gift to oneself, but to others as well. Those precious, unplanned moments, leaving no opportunity for regret to dampen the connection they hold. That is the most important lesson I learned within the experience of writing “Grampy and Me.” Memories are born in an instant. Take time to embrace them, or they are gone…forever. A lost opportunity for reflection – and the comfort, joy, and laughter it would bring – for a lifetime.

“Grampy and Me” is a delightful break from the “busyness” of life. Fun is not all about the planning.  Capture the moment.  Take time to just…be.  Cast everything “important” aside, set your imagination free, and simply have fun with your children. Take a walk. Talk about what you see and hear.  See each experience through the eyes of your child.  Write about it, draw pictures – or take pictures.  Create a book about these special times…together.   Spark their imagination.  Turn your book into a fun bedtime story, reflecting on “remember when….?” (A great lead-in to a good night’s sleep). Take time to allow wonderful memories to unfold – strengthening your bond and well-being – as a family.

Children grow up all too quickly. Build upon good times, not regrets.  Take time for yourself, too.  The effects of  busyness filter down to family, loved ones, and friends. Find joy in the simple things, as they have a way of bringing forth the best memories.  (Memories play a big role in who we are, and the choices we make.  Something to think about).

Grampy Art and “Emily” (my daughter, Kelly) had a very special relationship. Not planned…it came to be. The time they spent together held so much more, beneath the simplicity of working together in the garden. No expectations. Their relationship was rooted in respect,  evolved from the bond they shared, and grew from love.

“Grampy and Me” is being passed down, to the next generation in our family…and delightfully so!  What a thrill to share this special story – so close to my heart, my daughter’s, and  Grampy Art’s – with my grandchildren…and counting!

Thinking back to your childhood, was there someone special in your life, aside from your family? Maybe they never knew the impact their friendship held, or about a better choice you made due to their guidance. The time they took to be there, “just because.”  The same probably holds true for you.  You never know how a simple act of kindness may impact someone’s life, or taking that extra moment to show you care.  It can make all the difference, as it did with “Grampy and Me.”

Although my daughter was only 3 1/2 years old when this story took place, she will forever remember the gift it holds. Not so much in words (at the time), but what her special relationship with Grampy Art taught her about life. Kindness, caring, respect, sincerity – and a beautiful friendship – woven within the fun and love they shared.

It is difficult to find simplicity in our world today. Creativity and imagination are constantly bombarded by the latest technology. Even though it appears communication is alive and well…are we really communicating, or have we become entangled in the web of busyness?

I know this may sound too simple…or even silly.  Give yourself and your family a treat.  Bake cookies, have game night, laugh together, take pictures (…and have them framed), balance your “to-do” list (perhaps as a family?), and take a hike…a real one, together.  Then share your favorite bedtime story, and play “remember when…?”  I think you might just be surprised.

Until next time, may you find the time to just…be.  Enjoy!

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